Sunday, April 29, 2007

Can't wait to get outta here!

As we were outside enjoying the nice weather, Jeff and I talked about how we can't wait to go to the zoo! It has been awhile since we have gone somewhere! With the price of gas, a spur of the moment trip to Indy just isn't possible! I really wish we could get back to doing that again. I just hate being home all of the time! Today, we went to an antique store in search of an old doll cradle and a chair for the bedroom. I am either looking for a stool or a wicker seat chair. I was hoping for an antique chair, something with a little character. Well, the chair I found would not have survived Jaden and Jeff! Just too rickety. And I didn't see any good doll cradles. So, I am still searching!
Jeff spent the day playing with Jaden and cleaning his car. We also took Jaden for ice cream and to play at my old elementary school playground. That was cool! Wish I would have take my camera!!!!!!
Tomorrow starts my busy week! I really don't have much I need to get done tomorrow besides calling the park. We just found out today that the park Cassidy's birthday party is going to be in is having a car show that same day. I am not too pleased! I am afraid there will be no parking. I will be calling them tomorrow to find out the situation!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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