Sunday, August 26, 2007

Long Week Ahead

Jeff has a very long week ahead of him. He has to work Monday through Friday and also work half a day on Saturday. One of the guys at work had a heart attack and he will be gone for 2 months! So, this puts me in charge of getting everything ready for the party Saturday. I can't wait. Jaden has changed what he wants on his cake several times. It has all been Scooby Doo, just different ways he wants the cake. Now, he wants a haunted house on top with Scooby and the Gang all around it. So, I guess I will be trying that.
Saturday, I went to a Pampered Chef brunch. That was fun! I am going to host a show at the end of October or maybe the beginning of December!
We had a good time today. I actually finished 5 scrapbook pages! I can't believe it! We took the kids to the park and had lunch. Jaden played on the playground and looked at the animals there. It is nice having these days when we don't have to get anything done. Jeff did have to mow the lawn though.....
Here are a few pictures from the park: