Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March is cleaning and losing weight month!

That is what I have devoted to the month of March. Not the most spiritual, but it does help me spiritually to have those things done. I can open my mind up more when I do not have so many things on my list to do. So, this March, I am going to get organized, cleaned, and smaller! ;)
I have been the same weight for too long now, and it is not where I want to be yet. I hope to lose 14 more pounds. 4 to get back to my goal weight, and then 10 more. I have been doing yoga and can tell a tremendous difference in my body and well being! Wow! I love it. Also, I have given up Coke Zero. It was an addiction and I am happy to say that I have gone a week without craving it! I tried to drink some the other night and it didn't even taste good to me. I am just happy the addiction is gone! I am drinking one coffee a day to get the caffeine. I was up to 3 cups a day, so I cut that back!
Today, I cleaned the windows and the bathrooms. I noticed under the toilet that the floor is bumpy! uh oh!!!! So, hopefully, Jeff will be looking at that tomorrow. Maybe I should suggest to him that I want new flooring in there for my birthday! LOL ;)

During Cassidy's nap today, I plan on doing yoga and making my St. Pat's banner. I was thinking of skipping the St. Patrick's day banner, but I figured we needed some kind of decoration.
Have a great week everyone!


Chel said...

I'm so very impressed. Giving up the Diet Coke would be a huge adjustment for me. Go, you!

Anonymous said...

ok woman
we are midway through
hows the cleaning going?

(*looks around*)

not too well up in herre :)

mrs shortcake said...

Congratulations on giving up Coke - it's not as easy as some people think! It's crazy how much of a difference yoga can make, huh? After a session, I always feel "taller"! :)