Friday, October 30, 2009

Leaves and Pumpkins!

Yesterday was a busy day! We started off the day by going grocery shopping. Fun Fun! But, that always takes longer than I think it will. We got home around 12:30 and ate lunch. The kids decided to go outside and play in the leaves!

Afterward, Cassidy had her 2nd class of gymnastics! She would stop coming over to me, so I had to leave. I hate that I didn't get to see all of the fun things she did. We caught her at the end when she was climbing a rope! Very cool. We found out that we are going to the same gym Jaycie Phelps went to. She got an Olympic Gold medal in 1996! She was part of the Magnificent 7 that year!
After gymnastics, we headed home and Jaden did some school while I got some things done. Jeff came home and we carved the pumpkins! The kids were so excited! (Excuse the spaghetti and koolaid faces!)

The kids were dancing and posing!

Jaden got to stay up late with Daddy and I went to bed! Today, we are going to Terre Haute to visit my parents and for the kids to get dressed up in their costumes!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Newly painted Bathroom cabinets

I am happy with the paint on our vanity in the master bathroom. I was really tired of the builder oak cabinets! They are in our kitchen also, but I thought I would test it out where no one could see! Well, it worked. I am still looking for the perfect knobs. I might be stopping at Hobby Lobby tomorrow to check their's out.

Here they are!

Now, should I do the kitchen????

Costume Rehearsal Party and the Pumpkin Patch!

On Wednesday, the Disney store had a costume rehearsal party. I was looking forward to this, but was slightly disappointed. Cassidy was excited to get her Cinderella dress on and she wanted her hair to be up just like Cinderella's! I can't believe how picky a 3 year old can be. Jaden wasn't sure if he was going to dress up, but he decided to at the last minute. The kids did not win any of the games, but they were very well behaved. I took them to the candy store afterward! I think they had a good time.

I have been sick for the past 2 weeks. I really can't wait to start feeling better again. All I have left is a bit of a cough, but I am so drained! I have been trying to keep up on everything though. I have realized that I can't just call a substitute teacher in when I am sick! So, we have been keeping up with school. Jaden is so smart though and has needed little help from me!
Yesterday, we took the kids to the pumpkin patch. The kids loved it and we had a great time. It was the best pumpkin patch we have been to!

They are growing!

While being sick and keeping up on everything else, I painted our bathroom vanity black! It looks good. I will post pictures soon! I still haven't gotten knobs or decided if I want to distress it or not. I also picked up a hutch last night to makeover! My list just keeps getting longer and longer......

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Craft Sites!

I have been trying to find new and fun crafts for myself and my kids! I have found so many! I thought I would share some with all of you!


This one is great if you are looking for some cheap craft ideas!


I love this one! You can find everything from food to fabric craft ideas!


This is a stay at home mom with 5 kids! She has so many awesome ideas!


Yet again, another site with food and craft ideas! I can spend all day on this site alone!


This one is new to me, but I can't wait to read all of her past posts! Looks good!


My son would love to do the penguin pumpkin on this site! Great crafts!

If you know of any good craft sites, please let me know!!!! Have fun looking at the ones I have listed!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tutu For Sale!

I have a Halloween tutu for sale on Etsy! I just wanted to let everyone know! It is marked at a special price!!!!

If you would like a tutu in a different color or size, please email me with measurements and colors!

Thanks for your support!

Last Day of Disney Trip!

We were sad to leave Disney, but happy to get home. I told the kids to say bye to our room and then we headed to Downtown Disney.

I picked up some Disney mugs for me and Jeff. We are still drinking out of those everyday! We had breakfast at Wolfgang Puck's. It was very good. I especially enjoyed sharing Cassidy's Corn Flake covered french toast. After we left Disney, we stopped at an outlet store and I picked up a few things. As we were heading to the highway, Jaden threw up! Yep, Cassidy vomited on the way to Disney and Jaden did on the way home! Crazy stuff. We had to get that cleaned up and then we headed home. The drive was SO long. I felt like we would never get home. We finally made it and everyone was tired. We all went to bed.
So, our trip is over and we can't wait to go back. I am already planning on going in 2011. If I could find a way to go next year, I probably would. I would love to find a good price on the Grand Floridian!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Sale!

I had my first sale today at Cassidy's Closet! Someone is the happy owner of a Disney colored hair bow! I am so thrilled! I hope to spend atleast one day a week working on products and getting them online! I can't wait to have a room full of products to sell!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cassidy's Closet!

Grand Opening!

That is right! I have started my own store on Being just one income family and trying to homeschool is very hard! We have been trying to find a way for me to make some extra money. I am hoping this will work. So, I will be selling some of my handmade items on Etsy. I think this will be a great place for me to start. I have already set up my store and ordered some shipping boxes. At first, I will be selling tutus and hairbows. I hope to expand after I see the demand I have. So, if are looking for come cute things for your little girls, please help support Cassidy's Closet! I hope to be adding some items in the next few weeks!

Thanks everyone for your support!