Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wishing it was my birthday!

I have been seeing so many things I would like. But, since we have decided to start saving for a house, I need to stop spending on "things". So, I will have to wait until we are in our house to get any of these! But aren't they cute:

I found those on I love that site, but too expensive for me!

It has been too hot to go outside and play, so Jaden has been stuck inside. I would take him to Bogey's but, he like to play the golf outside! So, we have been staying home. Yesterday, we took the kids to the library. That is the perfect place to go when it is 100 degrees outside! Also, we plan on taking Jaden to see UnderDog soon. He is going to love that movie (and so will Jeff!).
Hope everyone is keeping it cool!