Friday, May 1, 2009

Cassidy's birthday weekend!

Today was the beginning of Cassidy's birthday weekend. We had so much fun. First, we went to MOPS and I did a presentation on couponing. That was fun! I could have talked all day about that subject. Of course, everyone would have been bored out of their minds. I have such high hopes for our MOPS group. I hope next year it will grow and be bigger and better than ever.

After MOPS, Jeff and I took the kids to Chickfila! That is Cassidy's favorite restaurant. She had a great time.
Then, we went to Build a Bear and Cassidy got her Hello Kitty. She also got to get some candy at the candy store in the mall. We had such a great time. Now we are getting ready to have a yard sale tomorrow, unless it rains of course. The kids will be selling lemonade!


MaryBe said...

Happy Birthday Cassidy!
Your Hello Kitty is almost as big as you!