Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last Day of Disney Trip!

We were sad to leave Disney, but happy to get home. I told the kids to say bye to our room and then we headed to Downtown Disney.

I picked up some Disney mugs for me and Jeff. We are still drinking out of those everyday! We had breakfast at Wolfgang Puck's. It was very good. I especially enjoyed sharing Cassidy's Corn Flake covered french toast. After we left Disney, we stopped at an outlet store and I picked up a few things. As we were heading to the highway, Jaden threw up! Yep, Cassidy vomited on the way to Disney and Jaden did on the way home! Crazy stuff. We had to get that cleaned up and then we headed home. The drive was SO long. I felt like we would never get home. We finally made it and everyone was tired. We all went to bed.
So, our trip is over and we can't wait to go back. I am already planning on going in 2011. If I could find a way to go next year, I probably would. I would love to find a good price on the Grand Floridian!