Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sorry I have been MIA!

Truthfully, I just haven't had much to post!
Jaden got a new bed the other day. Once we get a mattress, I will post pictures. It is a loft bed! I am a little nervous about it. He likes to get up at around 2 or 3 and come in our bed. Well, I am worried about him waking up then and climbing down a ladder! He picked out some dinosaur bedding. He is very excited about it!
Cassidy is trying to talk. She now says baby, daddy, mama, ball, spongebob (lol), and WEEEEE! When she is riding on a toy, she says, "Weeee". It is the cutest thing ever!
We are having a yard sale this Saturday. We bought Clay Aiken tickets for November in South Bend, so we need to make some money! I can't wait! We got the 10th row. Well, actually, row C, but after all of the pit seats, it will be row 10! It will be how we celebrate our 5th anniversary!
The weightloss is going well, I have lost a pound and I have a feeling I will be losing a lot more soon. I am in serious mode now! I did all of my exercises last night! I plan on doing them every night!
Have a great week!


Teresa said...

Good luck with your yard sale! Hope Jaden really enjoys his new bed!