Friday, September 28, 2007

Basketball and Scares

This week was a pretty good week, until tonight! More on that later. On Thursday, Jeff was off and we went to the park to eat lunch. We also showed Jaden some log cabins and let him play on the playground. I love our parks dept. here. You never realize what you have in your city until you start searching. We have found several things to do lately. Several festivals are coming up, and we can't wait!
Jaden will be starting basketball again next month. I hope he enjoys it as much as soccer. For some reason, I don't think he will. Especially since he keeps telling me so!
Tonight, we had a scare. I was in the kitchen and heard Jaden saying "Ouchy ouchy ouchy" over and over! It scared me! I ran in and there was blood dripping from his head and blood all over his hands. He ran into the piano while he was dancing! Poor thing! I put some ice on it and got it to stop bleeding. It was still bleeding slightly when he went to bed! It was very scary. I am so happy that he is doing alright.
Tomorrow, we have friends coming over and a birthday party to go to! Have a great weekend!