Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Boxes and more boxes!

Well, our life pretty much consists of stuffing things in boxes right now. We have 23 days until we move, but with Christmas coming, we know the time will go by fast. I am trying to get as much stuff packed now so we won't be in a rush when it comes. Luckily, Jeff will be taking vacation when we move!
So far, it doesn't look like these are going to go smooth with our landlord (even though we gave her 30 days notice!). She is upset that it is Winter and she will have a hard time renting it out in the winter. And because, she has to keep the house heated until it is rented. Wow! I can't even believe the things she said to Jeff. At church Sunday, we just learned how we should not play the victim. And, wow, our landlord is really playing the victim! Did she think we were going to live here forever? We are on a month to month lease and all we had to do was give 30 days notice. I really don't know why she is complaining. I pray that things go a little more smoothly.
Now, we are on to Jaden's friends house then, back home for more cleaning and packing.


B. said...

You and I are doing the EXACT same thing!! I just sold my house and buying a new one. Its hard work. The new house will be the first one that my husband and I have together- its my first house. I am excited for you as well! Let me know if you find any tips that work well for you as you are moving.