Friday, October 10, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

Well, we have a big girl now. No babies in the house anymore. :(

We took down Cassidy's crib and put together her toddler bed. These are the same beds that Jaden used. It is really sad to think we are going to be getting rid of the teeth marked crib. But, I know that we cannot keep it.

She wouldn't take a nap in it yesterday, but she slept all night in it after I sang her to sleep. I just loved watching her fall asleep.
I am so happy that Fall is here. I love the crisp air, pumpkin spice coffee, chilly mornings, orange leaves, and festivals. But here is something that I am going to miss:
Feeding the ducks:
Spraying the kids:
Things have been so hectic here. Jeff has been working more hours because his assistant manager is not working out. Today, he is firing his assistant and another person. Which means, he will be working even more. We had some plans for this coming week, but it looks like they will not go as planned. I hope everyone has a great weekend. We have soccer tomorrow and I was hoping to make it to a wedding in Terre Haute. Not sure I am going to get to do that now. We have church on Sunday and I don't know how next week will turn out.


Ry said...

Awww, she loves her bed! So cute! Mine never did the toddler bed. They went straight to a big bed. My oldest HATED her toddler bed, and my youngest just didn't seem to "need" it. SHe had more room in a twin and loved it. Although we kept it on the floor for her so it wasn't too overwhelming.