Monday, October 6, 2008

My faith

I haven't posted much about my Christian faith because nobody ever called me out on it. I don't think my Christianity has ever been questioned. I have always been a follower of Jesus, but was not baptized until November 4th of last year. I truly do believe that I was reborn that day. My life has changed dramatically. I trust in the Lord more than I ever have. When I was baptized, they told me that it wouldn't get easier. Actually, following Jesus would get harder. I didn't believe it. My life was going great. We no longer had money problems, we bought a house, life seemed good. But, now I have realized what they were talking about. I posted awhile back about homosexuality being taught in our schools. I got so much feedback. Mostly, good feedback. But, then I started getting some feedback that was questioning my faith. It does not change me, but it did make me realize where the world (and country) are going. I am not going there. I found some verses that really filled me up that day and I feel much better today. I have decided to still keep my blog open to readers, but I will no longer be putting anything up that might be considered controversial. This is not the place for that. Although, Jesus did tell us to spread His word.
John 17:14 I have given them your word. And the world hates them because they do not belong to the world, just as I do not.
(This verse explains my feelings perfectly)


Ry said...

1. It's YOUR blog and a place for you to express what's going on in your life. Christianity is first in your life, so if people don't like it, they shouldn't read here.

2. I get a harder time from my own family about my beliefs than I do the outside world. Sad isn't it. My WHOLE life I have been a christian, and I am a baptized believer, but it's been harder on me as an adult, than a kid. And the fact that it comes from family makes it all the more bizarre. Now I finally understand what the Bible is talking about when it says children and parents will turn on each other, and being hated by others etc.

3. Disagreeing with homosexuality does not make you a non-christian, judgemental, or hateful. The Bible specifically talks about this. You are not judging. You are saying that you don't agree with it, and won't support it. There is nothing wrong with that. I know and love some homosexuals, but I don't condone (OR CONDEMN) them for their beliefs. I love them for the person that they are to me (family, friend etc). That is between them and God, just as my sins are between me and God.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leeann, You should not question your Christian faith. Do not forget you are a little Young faith-wise (from your own words). Some time it takes a huge amount of time to sort-though even the small stuff. I can say for certain that there is a God, and I get tons of help from Jesus and the Spirit too. Christianity is a great guide to get to where we are going. I have been through 12 years of catholic school. I have a great base of knowledge. I was one of those who had comments earlier (not one of the hurtful ones). In my life, i have dealt with homosexuals, and from where i sit, some seem to struggle with life and faith. To me, it seems that my "job" is to show as much kindness as i can. Don't worry. You do what Your conscience tells ya! Your the one who has to look God in the eye at the end. If you are young in faith (congrats by the way), you have a HUGE amount that can be shown to you. It is insane at what you can learn and see. It is weird when there are times that you may be able to see God's plan for some things (i am not kidding). People that you have prayed for, start talking about their conversion. And even chatting with people who have a greater faith than you. One example from my life. i was in a faith-based group. one lady spoke about her work in a food shelter. On one tuesday, the day before "hot-dog Wednesday", they still had no hot-dogs. They prayed. Phone rings, and yes, it was a grocery store that had hotdogs that were not selling, and looking to unload them. The lady said she had several stories like that. She spoke as if it was no big deal. Naturally i was stunned, cause i was not there with my faith like that. (12 years of schooling to boot). So most days, i ask the Spirit to teach me more. And i am learning. So do not stop. Rock on. There is more to come. you do not have to post this. just wanted to wish some encouragement