Monday, December 8, 2008

Santa Claus!

Yesterday, after church, we decided to take the kids to the mall and see Santa! I was so excited. Jaden was complaining the whole time. He waited in line and we tried to push him up to Santa, but he wouldn't budge. So, our Santa picture this year looks like this:

Cassidy was so excited to see Santa. But, we were even more surprised when Santa told Jaden, "Well, you don't get a candy cane then!"! Let's just say we let it go, but Jeff and I talked about it later. What a mean Santa! Jaden didn't seem bothered by it.
Jaden did have fun talking and playing with another boy in line. It was a good time! Afterward, we stopped at the Disney Store and I picked up some more goodies for the kids! I can't wait for them to open their gifts.

We have some friends coming over tomorrow, so I am busy getting the house presentable! I plan on just have some snacks for everyone tomorrow. I might even bake a banana bread later today. I have all of the kids shopping done and some gifts made. I still have a few more to make and a few more to buy! I love this time of year!

I hope everyone has a great week! By the way, I made my weight loss goal last week. I will probably post more on that soon!