Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Great St. Patrick's Day!!

We had such a great day yesterday. Besides my stomach still feeling icky, I had a great day. It started with Jaden running down the stairs to see if the leprechauns filled his shoes with chocolate coins this year! And, they did!

They also turned our milk and applesauce green again this year! The kids were very excited! Afterward, we left for Brown County. We had a great time walking around and enjoying the nice weather. We ate at the Artist's Colony. They have the best vegetarian quesadillas! I also love sitting on the front porch to eat.

Jaden got some new sunglasses:

Afterward, we went to the Edinburgh outlets. We were disappointed to see the toy store gone. All that is left are a bunch of clothing and shoe stores. Not exactly my kids favorite thing. I found me some clothes though! Gap was having some wonderful sales!

It was a long day, but a great St Patrick's Day! Now, it is time for Spring and Easter. I love this weather!