Monday, March 30, 2009

Tea parties, Volkswagens, and Trash!

Wow, what a title. That is a little bit of what has been going on around here.
We have had a Volkswagen Beetle in the garage for over a year waiting to get fixed. After a new motor and new battery, it is like new! We couldn't wait to take it for a spin. Cassidy even helped clean it up! We got to take it for a spin the other day!

Ok, so it is not a "real" Beetle, but hey, the next best thing! Cassidy loves it!

Today, I decided to spend some quality time with the kids. We decided to have a tea party! We went to the library first and picked up some tea party books and a tea party video. We stopped at the store and picked up some ingredients for April Fools Day. We came home and started getting everything ready for our tea party. I made shortbread while Jaden got the Cinderella tea set ready. Here was our menu: Tomato Soup, Cucumber sandwiches, strawberries, crackers, warm shortbread, butter cake, and Blueberry tea. Jaden did not eat his soup or sandwich, but Cassidy tried everything! While we ate, we watched My Little Pony's The Biggest Tea Party. We also stuck our pinkies high in the air!Well, we tried anyway. Cassidy couldn't get her pinkie up there! We also read two books about tea parties. It was a fun time!
Afterward, we tried to have school outside, but Jaden just wasn't having it today. He whined the entire time. So we did some phonics and math and we were done. Tomorrow, we will be making some Easter crafts.
When Jeff got home, we ate supper then went for a walk while the kids rode. Cassidy rode her Beetle and Jaden rode his bike! They had a great time. We finished with a little bit of basketball. We were also happy to teach them a new thing!
They were so excited to take the trash out!
I wish they would keep that excitement! I will leave you with a short video of the kids riding their vehicles!


Anonymous said...

How fun! They'll remember these days forever!!!