Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday we had two dr appts for the kids. Just their annual checkups. We found a new doctor and was anxious to see how she was with the kids. Several things surprised me when I as there. First, they wanted Jaden to pee in a bowl on the potty. He has never had to give a urine sample. Of course, he couldn't go, so we didn't do it anyway. They checked his eyesight, it is good. They even tried to check Cassidy's eyesight. She didn't really want to do it. She acted shy. They had to get undressed and put a gown on. Jaden did not like that part! Wow, he didn't want the dr to see him in his underwear! hahaha. Anyway, to make it short, I didn't get a good impression of the dr. She would ask questions instead of telling me things. Ex: How much milk do they drink?, How is homeschooling going? Do you like it? How often do you do school? I told her we thought Cassidy seemed further ahead and she asked why. When I responded, she cut me off. What dr did they go to before, and then acted like she knew him ( I guess that MIGHT be possible). And the first thing, she acted like she remembered Jaden when she came in, but she had never seen him. We went to a different dr two weeks ago. Then, she proceeded to say that both of my kids have a heart murmur (which no one has ever told us!) and that Jaden's needs checked. Also, she said Jaden needs speech therapy for his r's. We will be taking him to the appt to get his heart checked, but I am going to try to work with him on his r's. Anyway, that was all very interesting!
Then, we went to the candy store( next door! I just love that place. I didn't get any candy but saw several cool things I wanted! Like a cupcake necklace, sunglasses, cupcake bracelets, and all kinds of jewelry! I could spend a fortune there!
After the candy store, we took Cassidy for her very first haircut! She loved it. She got to sit on a horse and watch Dora! She now has bangs! She looks so cute!

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Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Good Day LeeAnn, I am the Mom of a 31 year old daughter who was born with a congenital heart defect. We jokingly call her our million dollar baby. She just gave birth to her first son thirteen days ago. I will pray your little ones are free from any problems and the Miss Dr. was just having an off day. God bless