Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July and a 5k!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful July 4th! We started the day off early with a 5k run! It was my first!!! And, definitely not my last! Loved it! Here are some pics:
As you can tell in the above picture, Jaden has been very sick. He has been sick for 3 days! It started with vomiting, and he still has diarrhea. He has been warm, but the thermometer has shown no fever. If he is still sick by Monday, he will be going to the doctor. I miss my energetic buddy!
The run was amazing. We ran on asphalt, grass, sand, and gravel. We even ran on a wooden bridge. What a great way to start our holiday. I feel so proud of myself. I celebrated by having a light mocha frappuccino afterward. MMMMM
Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!