Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas break is almost over!

There has been some long, lazy days this week. I am ready to get back on schedule. I am trying to set up some organization for my weightloss, homeschooling, menu planning, and just about everything! I am hoping to make a binder for each one. I am also in the process of trying to find a label maker I like. I will be a labeling fool!
As for resolutions, I guess I should post some of mine.

2010 Resolutions
1. Lose atleast 20 pounds
2. Run a half marathon (or atleast train for it)
3. Complete several home projects
4. Save money from every pay
5. Get more organized
6. Take the kids on more field trips
7. Live a healthy lifestyle
8. Read the Bible and join a small group
9. Mail more letters
10. Spend more time with the family, playing games
I am sure I could go on and on, but this year is going to be one of the best! I can feel it. I am so anxious for the year to change. 2009 was a good year, though. We lost our beloved Maddy, but she is in a better place now. And, we are all at peace over it.
So begins a new year. Jaden will be starting 2nd grade this Fall! That is unbelievable! I will only have one year left until Cassidy begins Kindergarten. These kids are growing too fast. I am going to be busy this week planning out field trips and fun days for the year. Some of these include: the Creation museum, library, Children's museum, Newport Aquarium, Zoo, Playdates, Summer vacation, Date day, and many more!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After Christmas

The days after Christmas are always so fun. The kids are busy playing and I am preparing for a new year. It is always exciting to think of new things to come! It helps that my Christmas gift from Jeff was a box full of promises! Literally! He marked off a calendar with home improvements we will be doing all year long. He also included samples! I am so excited. The first on the list is a new countertop! I have been looking and I think I have narrowed it down to the color I want. We should begin on that towards the end of January or beginning of February. I would love to make Valentine's day cookies on a new countertop!
I will be making a list of my New Year's resolutions soon. I have already started writing them down. As for now, I will leave you with some pictures of what has been going on around here!

Oh yeah, our Christmas decorations are all down. But, we should not stop celebrating the birth of our Savior!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas in pictures

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas, dog stress, and sleepovers

I am so excited for Christmas to get here. I get this way every year. It seems like I wish for it to be here and then it is over in a blink of an eye. I have a few more things to wrap and then I am finished. It feels so good to be done and to wait for the day to get here. I have also been baking cookies like crazy! Today, I am baking more biscotti for Christmas Day. I think my mom is going to love it! Here are some of the things my kids are going to be opening this year!

They are going to be so thrilled. Santa is also bringing a big surprise! I can't wait!
Nacho has been very stressful since last night. I guess he is getting comfortable now and all he wants to do is bite and eat everything. He also has to pee every hour! It is crazy! He does very well as long as we remember to take him out constantly. If not, he will go to the door and start peeing! But, he is doing so well for a 9 week old pup!
Jaden is planning on spending the night at a friend's house. This will be his first sleepover. He has been warned several times today that he is not going to go if he doesn't start behaving. He acts very much like the dog, besides the peeing part! LOL
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! Enjoy and slow down. (I am telling myself this also!)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jaden's beatboxing

Jaden's favorite thing to do right now is beatbox! Who knew? It is quite funny but he thinks he rocks! enjoy!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nacho's new sweater

Ok, as you can expect, I will be posting on Nacho quite a bit. He is filling up a lot of our days! I can't believe how good he is! Really! He is already learning to potty outside and he knows his name! He is such a good dog. He is even sleeping through the night without going out! It's really amazing! It makes loving him so easy!
He got a new Christmas sweater. He keeps scratching at it, but I think he is getting used to it. He really needs it on when he goes outside. The poor thing shivers so bad without it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It didn't last long....

Our house was petless for all of two weeks! It just felt so empty without Maddy here. I really miss her. I was starting to think that having another dog would keep me from missing Maddy so much. Jaden has been wanting a chihuahua and we were on the lookout for one. There is a long story involved, but let's just say that it was meant to be. We found this little guy:

Now, I do have some reservations about this. I have never liked little dogs. I do not care for the yappy, hyper, toe biting dogs! We held one at a pet store and I thought that I could do a chihuahua. Also, I wanted a female. I have never really cared for male dogs. There are also several reasons for this, which I am sure I do not need to go into. When we picked him up, there was also a female one. I said I would be happy with the female, but our son had to have the one with the spot on his head. So, we brought him home. He has been so sweet. He is even paper trained, and is learning fast to go potty outside. He seems very smart and loving. But, as I said to my husband today, I could still trade him for the girl. I just hope I can get past that and love this dog. I know it sounds so awful!!!! We'll see.....
For now, I will leave you with some cute pictures of Nacho!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It' been a busy month!

I feel so bad for not posting in such a long time! But, there has been so much going on! I am trying to keep from feeling overwhelmed.
Today is going to be baking and cleaning day. I am going to have Jaden write my grocery list, find the items at the store, and help me bake! What a school day for him. I think all boys should have to do that for school. Men seem so helpless when it comes to the kitchen! I have decided to make buckeye bars, spinach dip, and chocolate mint bars. I also need to make a couple of loaves of pumpkin bread for our MOPS dinner next week.
I have had packages coming to our door everyday! I have also been wrapping them as I get them. This way, I do not have a huge chore ahead of me. We are keeping up with school work, and I am back to running again. I have been trying to run everyday. Next week, I will cut back to every other day but with longer distances.
Sorry, no pictures today. But, I hope to post pictures of the food and the recipes!