Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy Remodeling!

We have been so busy remodeling our house! But, the results are fabulous! We finally have our wood floors in and I refinished the dining room table. We still have so much to do, but I feel like it is finally coming together! We picked out a cherry floor so, I stained the top of our table a red color. We love the look of it. It is by no means perfect, but I was thrilled with my first staining job!
So, here is the dining room table, before and after:

It looks like a new table. I have painted the chairs white also! I am putting the felt on the bottom before I move them into the room. I am so happy with the way it turned out!
Now, for the kitchen. Here is our progress:
We have painted our cabinets, put on hardware, and got the wood floors in. I am excited with the way it is looking. The next step is to get the new countertop and sink! I can't wait! The countertop will be very dark! I think it is all going to come together nicely! Now, if someone wants to donate, or sell very cheap, some ss appliances..... ;)