Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flying by.....

This year is flying by! I feel like I haven't gotten as much accomplished as I would like and I have put on more weight than I would like! So, it is time to get serious for the rest of the year.
I just bought this:

and will be doing it almost every day! I am even going to start running again. I will start off small, then start running more miles later. I really hate that I took such a long break. But, we had so much going on, I just didn't have the time or energy to do it!
This dog is in major need of a groom:
Her appointment is set for Thursday! I think we will get her cut short and leave her head round. Yes, I am talking about the dog, not Cassidy! ;)
Today, Jeff is finishing some trim and I hope to get some more organizing done. We just have too much stuff! I cleaned out the playroom yesterday and the kids are getting rid of two trash bags full of toys! This excites me! They are finally parting with some of their baby toys!
I am excited for the wonderful weather this week and I am ready to get outside! I hope everyone is having a blessed weekend!