Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cupcakes are evil!!

I thought making cupcakes would be fun, but it has caused so much! I can't stop eating them. Well, it's not like I have eaten a bunch, just two. But one is too many!!!! They are really good and they make for good comfort food. Also, Jaden won't stop asking for one. He talked about them all day yesterday and woke up today asking for one! Maybe I won't make these anymore! I thought about making some for Easter, but maybe I won't!

Cassidy is growing so fast. I can't believe she is going to be one in a little over a month. I am so excited!!!!! I can't wait. Little girl birthdays are so fun! It is very fun to plan. I was going to just have a small party at our house, but I decided to have it a little bit bigger and at the park! I hope it will be a lot of fun.
Jaden loves to put Cassidy's socks on his hands!!: