Thursday, March 29, 2007

Haircuts and expensive cookies!

Jaden, Cassidy, and I ventured to the mall today for some exercise and some window shopping. I was also looking for a dress for Easter! Jaden said he wanted a cookie at the mall with icing and sprinkles. So, when we came upon Blondie's Cookies, he was so excited! And guess what? They had cookies with icing and sprinkles. Can you believe, $2.19 for one little cookie!!!!!!!! I should get into that business! They have to be making so much profit! Then, off we went, looking at clothes for all of us and just plain looking around. Then, Jaden wanted to go to the bookstore but I took him to get his haircut first. He has been telling me he didn't want to get his hair cut, but it was time! He screamed for over 5 minutes, kicking his feet and having the biggest FIT I have ever seen him have! Then, he calmed down and ended up liking his hair being cut! KIDS!!!!!!

So, here is the new Jaden!


Teresa said...

Awww! He looks so handsome! I seriously know what you mean about Blondies! Highway robbery!