Monday, March 19, 2007

I have been so busy! **Updated with Pics!**

I had a great weekend. It all started off with St. Patrick's Day! It was so fun. A leprechaun visited our house the night before and did all kinds of things. He colored our milk and applesauce green! He also left Jaden a shamrock cookie cutter and lined all of our shoes up with chocolate coins in them! How cool is that! He was thrilled! We made shamrock cookies and they were very good! I also started on Cassidy's birthday invitations. I have them almost finished! They are so cute!
Yesterday, Jaden, Jeff, and Cassidy took me to the nearest outlet mall for my birthday (that is coming up!)and let me buy some clothes. I couldn't help but buy a few clothes for the kids. I did buy myself a lot of new shirts! I hardly have any since I have lost so much weight. I did most of my shopping at the Gap outlet. I love that store! They also bought me the Wilton 2007 yearbook. That is a great book! It is really inspiring me to make more cakes! They also took me to Panera Bread for supper. That is my favorite restaurant! I had a mushroom pizza, it was very good! We had a great time! I will post some more pictures later!