Thursday, May 3, 2007

Cassidy is ONE!

Cassidy turned one today. It is hard to believe. It is actually very sad, because I really enjoy baby Cassidy. I will definitely miss her. But, now I get to look forward to toddler Cassidy! I can't wait to see what that brings!

We took the kids to the zoo today, but first, Jaden wanted Cassidy to open the present from him.
He got her a Baby Einstein video and some peek a blocks that are balls (can't think what they actually call them!).
She also looked at the card we got her. So many new things happened for her today.
1. She had milk for the first time! (I don't think she likes it cold!)

2. Sat in a bigger carseat, facing forward!

3. Rode on a horse!

4. Rode on a carousel! (She LOVED it!)

5. Ate ice cream!
Jaden also had a good day today!!

We had a great day! Can't wait to see some of you at the party Saturday!
Have a great weekend!