Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just another day...

Not really much going on the past couple of days. Jeff is still driving his rental car. He got a Dodge Caliber. That was pretty cool that he got that because we had been looking at those! Kind of a cool way to test out a car! It is nice, but not very much room in the trunk!!!! Jeff had a meeting yesterday, so he was gone all day and I had to take the kids with me to my Stampin Up workshop. Luckily, that worked out pretty well! Jaden was good, and Cassidy just sat and watched us.
Today, the plan is to go to the library and maybe walk around the mall. I really don't feel like staying in the house. Although, I do need to mop the bathroom floor and finish cleaning it. I also need to clean out our living room closet!!!!
Have a great day everyone!