Friday, May 11, 2007

It's always something!

Isn't that how it goes! Just when you think everything is going great something always happens. Jeff was on his way home Thursday, when his car decided it didn't want to drive forward anymore! He could go in reverse, but not forward! Come to find out the transmission is bad! So, I have no car today and Jeff has to rent a car until it is fixed. I really hope we can come up with the money to fix it. It makes me think I shouldn't have spent so much on Cassidy's birthday!
Onto better things....
Jaden said the cutest thing this morning. Cassidy was drinking her milk and letting it go down her chin. Jaden said she looked like "Christmas Claus"! How cute. He even got a wipe out of her room to wipe her chin off. He is such a good big brother.
Hopefully, we will still be able to get Cassidy's One year pictures done this month. As soon as we do, I will try to post them on here.