Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Change of Plans!

Wouldn't you know, when Jeff gave his notice, the human resources manager called Jeff and asked him why he was leaving. Jeff let him know about the drive he was making and that was the biggest reason. So, now Jeff's boss has worked out a deal with him. He says he can give Jeff a store in Indy and get him started on the road to district manager. We did a lot of talking today and we both felt this was the best move. A new job is so uncertain, and Jeff was taking a significant pay cut! So, it is back to Pep Boys Jeff will go! I was excited about the new beginning, but I realized that staying with Pep Boys would be better for Jeff and hopefully better for our family in the long run.

Also, today was Jaden's first day of soccer! It was great. He listened very well and he was the best player out there. I think this is HIS sport. Jeff also got new glasses and the kids got their picture taken. I wasn't impressed with the photographer this time and Cassidy was in a bad mood. So, I didn't get any of them together, but we will when Jaden gets his birthday pictures By the way, I found out today that Clay Aiken will be in South Bend for a Christmas concert on November 28th! I can't wait!