Monday, June 11, 2007


It is official! Jeff begins his new position with O'Reilly's this Monday. He will be working as the Associate Manager until the new store on the south side of town is built. He may even become the district manager in as little as a year. Let's hope this all works out for the best. I think it is the best move he has made with a company in a long time! We are thrilled!
Yesterday, we went to a Local Heroes thing at our church. Jaden had a great time meeting a fire dog, looking at Fire trucks, eating ice cream, and watching a man rappel himself down a rope. Pretty cool! We also had lunch at the park and went to church last night. Jaden had a great time in the Wee Village this time. I am glad he is finally getting over his fear of being left alone. He was a little funny at first, but he didn't cry!
This week will be a long week, since Jeff will still be making that long drive until Friday. He will have the weekend off and then he will start his new position. Keep us in your prayers!