Monday, July 16, 2007


I know that many of you won't understand this, but I am sure my parents will. You see, they like to watch birds! Hahaha. They have a few feeders by their kitchen window and they like to sit and watch the birds. They even look these birds up to see what kind they are. I, unfortunately, have never cared. Until now. As I was sitting on my swing, I was looking at the bird's nest that was above me. I could see it perfectly in our big tree in the backyard. I knew it was there and have commented how cool it is to have so many bird's nests in our yard. There are probably 4 right now. (One in the roof of the garage, hahaha). I was watching the robin as it was feeding it's babies. I don't really know how many are in there, but it looked like two. The robin had one worm and it gave it to one of the babies, then flew away. While she was gone, I sat and watched. The other baby bird kept lifting it's head and opening it's mouth. It seemed to be saying, "What about me?". Finally, after watching the mother robin search for worms in the yard, she returned to the nest with a worm for the other bird. Wow! I can't believe how smart birds are. I never really thought about it. But, the nest was perfectly built on two limbs that joined together. How does a bird know that? They have to think,"There is a good place for my nest!". Then, they build it and lay eggs in it. They know to take care of these eggs. They know they have to feed the babies. They know what to feed the babies. They know how to teach them to fly. They know how much food they should get. AND, she knew to give the other baby the worm since the other one had already had one. Unbelievable, really!
So, I guess I will no longer make fun of my parents for "bird watching". I guess I understand the intrigue!


Teresa said...

Ha Ha! It came back to bite ya huh?! That is so cute and your mom will be so proud!