Thursday, July 12, 2007

Swimming and Cousins

Today we had Brittani, my niece, over for the day. Jaden had a blast. He loves Brittani! We started out the day walking to the playground and stopping at a garage sale on the way. The kids played on the computer and played some video games. It is so cool to watch an eleven year old and 3 year old play together! They enjoy some of the same things. I know this won't last long, so I just sat back and watched and took it all in. Brittani is growing up so fast! She will be twelve next month! She is going to be going to jr high and she has a boyfriend! A lot of things will be changing with her over the next few years. Anyway, they played in the sprinkler and splashed in the pool. They enjoyed some teddy grahams while sitting on the swing set! I hope she enjoyed the day as much as Jaden did!

Cassidy learned a new thing today. She can now climb! Watch Out!!!!!!