Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope 2008 is the best year ever for everyone!
We will be home celebrating in front of our new fireplace! My parents will be coming over tomorrow.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Moving Day is over, well sort of.....

We got most of the essentials on the truck, but need to make a couple more trips for the stuff out of the garage and cleaning up. It is so nice to be in our BIGGER home! There is so much more room. My muscles hurt, but that is a good thing, right?

Jaden picked out his room. He seems very excited! Cassidy also seems very excited! I think they love the new house!
Now, for our old landlord....
Jeff is talking with her right now. She is wanting us to have the house painted and the carpet cleaned. Wow! Unbelievable! I think we would rather her keep our deposit and do it herself. I think that is what she is agreeing to do. UGH! We are on a month to month lease and we gave her a thirty day notice. I am just furious. Jeff is so much more calm than me! He can deal with those things so much better than me!
I will have Christmas pictures posted in a few days!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve (again)

Christmas Eve was a blast. Now, the kids are both sleeping and we are waiting for Santa! ;)

Jaden and I made cookies today while Cassidy took her nap. They got their bathes and we headed to church. Jaden and Cassidy did not sit well through the service, so Daddy and Cassidy spent half the service in the atrium.
We came home and the kids each got to open one present! Those were a big hit. Jaden sprinkled reindeer food outside, wrote a letter to Santa, and set out the cookies and milk! He doesn't seem very excited, but I think that he really is! Merry Christmas everyone!
(Jaden and I thought it would be a good idea for him to be shirtless while making cookies! LOL)

The kids love their new toys:

And now, the kids are ready for bed!

Merry Christmas Eve!

We are so excited today. We can't wait for Santa to come tonight.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's almost here.....

.....and I am prepared! I have all of the gifts bought and the stocking stuffers. Jeff is making a last run today. I have an order for buckeyes I need to make today. Tomorrow will be filled with baking and cleaning. We can't wait for Santa to get here. We will make cookies for Santa, make more buckeyes for the family, sprinkle reindeer food in the yard, go to church, and open one gift! We can't wait. I just love Christmas time!
Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa Claus is here!

Well, the kids finally went to see Santa. Jaden was so excited. He couldn't wait to tell him he wanted a pirate ship and a camera. H practically jumped into his lap. As for Cassidy, she wasn't too thrilled. Poor thing yelled for Daddy as she sat on his lap. Maybe next year she will be excited!

We are still packing (slowly). Jaden is counting down the days until Christmas. He is so excited this year. I have tried not to pack anything in the living room, so it will look as normal as possible on Christmas morning.
Jaden and I made buckeyes this morning for Jeff to take to work tomorrow. I hope the guys enjoy it! It is one of Jeff's favorite candies.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Party!

We had so much fun yesterday at my Uncle's John and Aunt Judy's Christmas party. They always come up with cute little games to play! The kids had a great time! They got to open some gifts! They loved them. I tried to get a cute picture of the kids by the Christmas tree, but that is almost impossible. Jaden was a shepherd in church yesterday. That was the cutest thing. He really loves to get on stage! He didn't sing though, LOL! He was the cutest little shepherd up there!

We are looking forward to getting into our new house. There are boxes piled everywhere in our house. I can't wait to get them moved! I just want the moving process to be over with. But, I am very thankful that I am home to do this slowly and we are not rushed.

Jaden is looking forward to Christmas. Only 8 days left! We still haven't mailed out our cards yet, and the kids have yet to see Santa. Wow, the time flies by. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


We are stuck inside today. Jaden was suppose to have basketball this morning. Then, he had musical practice at church and we were going to see Santa afterward. Well, looks like our plans have changed. The snow has been falling for several hours. Basketball was cancelled and I am sure that the practice will be too. So, we will probably come up with some crafts to do, that does not require food! LOL
Tomorrow, we are heading out of town for a Christmas party at my Uncle's house. That will be fun. We look forward to that every year! We will be going to church in the morning instead of evening so we can see Jaden in the Christmas musical. I can't wait! I will try to get some pictures.
Have a great weekend and be careful out there!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Boxes and more boxes!

Well, our life pretty much consists of stuffing things in boxes right now. We have 23 days until we move, but with Christmas coming, we know the time will go by fast. I am trying to get as much stuff packed now so we won't be in a rush when it comes. Luckily, Jeff will be taking vacation when we move!
So far, it doesn't look like these are going to go smooth with our landlord (even though we gave her 30 days notice!). She is upset that it is Winter and she will have a hard time renting it out in the winter. And because, she has to keep the house heated until it is rented. Wow! I can't even believe the things she said to Jeff. At church Sunday, we just learned how we should not play the victim. And, wow, our landlord is really playing the victim! Did she think we were going to live here forever? We are on a month to month lease and all we had to do was give 30 days notice. I really don't know why she is complaining. I pray that things go a little more smoothly.
Now, we are on to Jaden's friends house then, back home for more cleaning and packing.

Monday, December 10, 2007

We bought a house!

We have finally bought a house. We decided to move to Indy because of Jeff's job. He will only be 20 minutes away from work now! That will be so nice.

I am so excited about buying our first house, but also nervous. I hope the nervousness goes away soon. The payment is much higher than what we have now and it will be starting all over again! That makes me nervous. We will still be coming back here to go to church every Sunday.
Here are some pictures


Living Room:

Kitchen and nook area:

Master Bedroom:

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Jaden had so much fun in the snow yesterday. I always love when it snows!

We made some Christmas crafts the other day. I caught a great picture of the kids together the other day! Here are the pictures!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


My sister in law made it through her surgery and all is well! We are so proud of her. Now begins the weightloss. I bet she is so excited.
There hasn't been much going on here. Just a lot of down time. We really needed that. Also trying to save money for a house, and that keeps me home a lot. Especially with the price of gas. Jeff has been spending $100 a week on gas! UGH! It really drives me crazy.
It snowed in Indy last night, but not here! I am a little disappointe, as was Jaden. It is flurrying outside today and looks so pretty.
I hope everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

and the tree is up.....

We finally got our Christmas tree up. It really didn't take much time this morning. We enjoyed some Christmas music while I (I mean we) set up the tree! I love getting the tree up. It just looks so pretty at night.
Next week, my sister in law will be undergoing surgery, bariatric surgery. Our prayers are with her. I hope that everyone can say a little prayer for her. I am sure God will be watching over her.