Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I got a few of my crafts done tonight! I am so excited!

First, I started on some pictures for our dining room. I had decided I wanted to put some pretty paper prints up that match my colors. I found these on another website:
and fell in love! I really want to get some prints like these, but that will have to wait. But, I am so happy that I did it. It was so much fun!

I can't seem to get a very good picture of them. But, Jeff approves, and that is saying something! LOL. I think I will make some for each holiday to put up there. I am also thinking of making some to match the family room! (I could go crazy!)
Then, I started on an idea I have had for awhile now. A reading area for Cassidy in the playroom.
I want to do so much with this area. I plan on getting a round pink or green pillow for the bottom. I will hang some ribbons from the netting and add a few more green and pink circles. I need some tiebacks also. I would like to paint Cassidy's name on the wall somewhere there. Again, the picture doesn't do this justice. Looks so much better in person!. Now, I need to find a place for all of those toys I had to move out of that corner!
I feel like I am finally make some progress on my scrapbooking. I am only 9 months behind now!!! ACK!


Ry said...

LOVE the prints!!

Teresa said...

I feel for you...I am 7 months behind and am completely lacking in creativity! With the house, with the scrapbooks- ugh everything!

Good Luck LeeAnn, if anyone can get it done it is you!

Chris said...

Boy, great minds think alike, eh? Yours turned out great! How come mine seem all crooked and yours look perfect? Grrr. :) Nicely done!