Monday, July 28, 2008

I am so tired!

This weekend we had my parents over, and Sunday was Jeff's birthday party. I started Friday making the cake and kolaches (a special dessert Jeff's grandma used to make). I finished them on Saturday. I didn't really make a themed cake this year. I just didn't have the energy. But, I did make it huge with several layers. It was white and chocolate cake with a whipped chocolate ganache. The icing was butter cream. ( I noticed after the party that I didn't cross the T!!!! I always do that! LOL)

The kolaches:
Well, Saturday night was the first thing to go wrong! I had hid the kolaches in the oven so Jeff wouldn't see them. Well, you know what happened! Jeff decided on a frozen pizza for supper and I turned on the oven. Not too much later I saw smoke rising from the stove! Yes, I burnt the kolaches and the plastic tray they were on! UGH!!!!
Jeff had to clean up the mess. I decided to start on the kolaches again that night. I made the dough while my parents were here, and finished them on Sunday morning. We had so much fun with my parents here. Jaden got to show off his new game that he enjoys........UNO! He loves it. He plays very well.
Sunday morning, I got all of the party stuff ready and we headed to church. We are still trying to find a closer church. The one we went to is still 40 minutes away. I searched last night for another church closer. We are going to try one near Greenfield soon. It should only take us about 10 minutes.
When we got home, Jeff let the kids play on the slip n slide while my mom and I got the food ready. Little did he know, that his brother and sister were coming! He was so surprised to see them. Uncle Bill brought the kids some presents. That was fun!

Jeff had a great time!
I got to surprise him with a ticket for a race car experience! He gets to ride in a race car this Sunday around the Indy track! I can't wait! He also got some gift cards and a dart board! We all love the dart board!
We had a such a fun weekend!

The yummy punch (Thank you Kelly!)

What a great weekend!
Happy 40th Birthday Jeff! His actual birthday is on Thursday. We will be doing some fun things that day also!


Ry said...

How fun! Our friend got to do the track thing for his 30th last year, and it was neat!

PS-I have a couple of things I need to see if you want for school.

Kelly said...

Glad the punch worked out for you!!! What a fun party!