Friday, January 30, 2009

Out of my rut

I am feeling so much better today. I have been feeling so icky, but I know it is due to the weather and eating bad. Today was much better!
We had a playdate today at our house. That was so nice! The time always flies by when you have friends to talk with. Jaden and Cassidy were excited to see the other kids. They were all so cute. I made fun of Jaden because he was in a house full of girls! He said he was going to marry all of us! ;) He is such a cutie! We had some great food and good conversation. I hope we can do it again soon. One of the girls, Adrienne, made me a cute pillow for Cassidy's room. I just love it. I even gave her my dining room placemats to monogram! She is so talented!
After everyone left, we just had some down time. I played around on the computer, cleaned the house up, and got this cute picture of Cassidy:
Wow, she just looks so much older here. She is growing so fast. I can't keep up with her!


Kim said...

Oh my! She does look so much older. So cute!

Adrienne said...

LeeAnn, we had SO MUCH FUN today!!! Thank you so much for having us over...and the pillow looks so cute on Cassidy's bed. I'm glad you love it! I told Ben that you gave me your placemats and he said, "So waht kind of timeframe did you give her??!!" What's up with you people?!?! :) Anyway, thanks fo a great day. It helped me pep up a lot too...maybe we need mroe Mommy play dates?