Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Well, the cabinet is about done, but we need to buy invisible hinges. I don't think I like them showing! I thought I would like the look of the bronze hinges. Oh well. Here is the cabinet now! I hid the hinges! LOL Totally didn't even mean too. Just noticed it when I put the picture up! That is too funny!

Now, I need to get Jeff to finish the side!
I have so many decisions to make. Here are just a few that have been sitting around our house.

I just got this phone for the kitchen. I think it holds up my paint samples quite nicely! I am thinking of painting the kitchen yellow! I think Jeff thinks I have gone crazy!
Jaden had a little fun today with his Combos and kept making Combo Castles!

Right now, we are doing school and Jaden is studying his spelling words. Here are some things we are working on right now:
Math: adding double digits, time, and drills
Spelling: Consonant Blends with short vowel sounds
Phonics: dipthongs
History: God's promise to Abraham
We are still working on our "r's". I hope he gets this soon. He is working very hard on it.
Tonight we have a birthday party to go to at Chuck e Cheese. I will be slathering the kids with sanitizer!