Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow and Cold!

Ok, it is just too cold here to do anything! The wind chill is -7! That is insane! There is also snow on the ground, which makes it seem even colder. Here is the cold view out my window!

And everytime Nacho has to go pee, I freeze! Ugh!!!! Good thing he doesn't make me go all the way outside. I get to stand at the door.

For some reason, I have been wanting so many things lately. Probably because we have been stuck inside and I am wanting something new to do! Here are some of the things I have been dreaming of:

I will find a way to get these! I would also like other things, but these are on the top of my list. I might have to wait until my birthday (April)! We will be getting a new countertop in the kitchen next month! I can't wait to start that project. Actually, I can't wait for it to be finished. Then, we will be starting on either a storm door or our fence. We will see which comes first. We also need to get french doors for the back, but that is going to be a little expensive. We might have to wait until the kitchen is all done for that.

Today, we are going to be doing school, cleaning the house, and I am sure there will be some Wii playing!


Kim said...

Hey, that is the phone I have been looking at.

And when you do, you need to get the Wii Fit Plus, not just the Wii Fit!! It is the updated version. I'm loving mine! Sorry, I know that doesn't help you. :)