Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ktichen Before!

I really don't know why I am feeling so tired. It might be my diet. I haven't been eating very well the last few days. And, by saying that, I mean no veggies at all! I really need to go to the store tomorrow and pick up some whole, fresh foods! I have been running though! Yesterday I ran 3.5 miles and didn't feel very tired afterward! That is such a good sign. I hope to be running 4 miles next week!

The kids have been busy playing the Wii. But, yesterday, Jaden got a little to rough with it and it was taken away. So, he will have to find other things to do today! We will have school time and a craft time today! That should keep him busy for awhile. Yesterday, I painted the trim on our half wall white. I will have to post pics soon of all of the changes that are happening. I guess I can post some before pictures!
Here is a picture of the kitchen the way it is now:

Here is the plan:
New countertop
New sink and faucet
Paint and trim cabinets
New hardware
New flooring
New appliances
New lighting
The appliances will be the last thing to happen! I can't wait for the transformation!


Amanda Pittman said...

LeeAnn, I know the appliances are last, but I just read this today and had to let you know. New models come out in September, so stores are usually discounting the old models that month. Also, there is an Appliance Outlet in Indy that has deals on good appliances. We had to go a few times, but we finally found a stainless steel side by side frigidaire refrig. for $500 with ice and water in the door. It was new, but had a scratch on the side that went against the wall in our house. We've also gotten used washer and dryer there too. Love the deals!

LeeAnn said...

Thanks Amanda!!!!!! That really helps. Do you remember the names of any of the places?

Amanda Pittman said...

I'll have to ask Scott for sure, but I think it was the Appliance Outlet (Creative, huh?). It was on Rural avenue, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Decided to browse CWO for some new blogs to visit from their old lists. Found you and, as I scroll through your posts and find your kitchen inspiration, I pause in awe of the granite counter tops.

Oh, to have them soon and very soon... ha! Ours are tile begging to be changed. They are very nice and I am thankful, but hey, granite rocks! I, too, have the oak cabinets and may change those some time.

Nice to visit your blog. If I don't hear from you, have a great Valentines day as well.


LeeAnn said...

Thanks Ginger! Glad you found my blog! How are you liking your new house?