Friday, February 12, 2010

Not feeling well.....

Yep, that picture pretty much sums up how I have been feeling the past few days. I haven't gotten much accomplished, but I did paint another chair! That is progress! The kids are also sick, so they haven't been doing much either. We were planning on going to a playdate today, but it is probably not a good day to play around other kids! I do need to get them out of the house though. I think I will stock up on some Lysol when I go to the store. We need to get the germs out of here! I am officially ready for Spring!
It is going to start getting busy around here soon. I will be painting the kitchen cabinets in a few days! I can't wait to see the difference! I am still nervous about it. Cassidy thinks the glaze looks like "poop". Of course, that made me feel even better about it. Valentine's Day is almost here and we always do a little celebrating that day. We start attending our small group next week and my brother's birthday party will be the next week! I love family birthday parties. I am so glad that we still do that!
March will be busy as we plan for Spring! We plan on putting up a new fence! I can't wait!
April brings my birthday and Easter!
May brings Cassidy's birthday, our Mall of America vacation, and my Dad's birthday!
I can't wait! Let's get this year started already!