Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat!

We have been looking forward to this week for so long! We have so many Halloween things planned. It all started today!

First, I took Cassidy to Target and we got the new Tinkerbell movie! She was thrilled. She held it through the store and all the way home. She loved the movie. Afterward, I started making supper. We had hotdog mummies and ghost potatoes with Candy Corn soda!

Then, the fun began. The kids got all dressed for Trunk or Treat at our church! Cassidy is Tinkerbell this year and Jaden is Captain Hook!
Jaden was unsure of the mustache, so it took him a long time to loosen up. But, once we got there, he was so excited! They got lots of candy! They even met Velma (from Scooby Doo) and the cow from Chick fil a! Cassidy, of course, had to give him a hug!

We went inside the church to warm up. The kids looked through their candy!
It was a great night! Today, we will be carving pumpkins, making cupcakes, and I will be going to my women's bible study! Can't wait!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Not sure if anyone cares, but these are fun to fill out.

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Fall. I love Fall.

Who is your favorite Disney princess? I really don't care for princesses, but my daughter loves the little mermaid ("mermenaid" in our house)

What's the last book you read? I am in the middle of 3. I can't seem to finish one!

What book are you reading right now? same as above and always the Bible

Name one "presidential" memory (an election you remember as a child, voting for the first time, etc.) Isn't it sad that I don't really remember them as a young child. I know that I started getting really involved during the 2000 election.

What are 3 things that scare you/freak you out?
1. Democrats taking over Washington
2. Big messes
3. my kids in public restrooms! (so many reasons for that one!)

If you were running for office, what would your campaign slogan be? Take your Chances!

What is your favorite football team(s)? Don't have one, but if I did, probably the Colts (does that make sense?)

How are they doing this season? really don't know

Do you have anything particular that you're looking forward to this Fall? Definitely!
1. The election being over!
2. Trick or Treating
3 First women's study at our new church
4. Halloween parade
5. Thanksgiving!
6. Making it to my weightloss goal!

Are you craving anything right now? No, Jeff just brought me a pumpkin spice cappucino!
What's the last thing that really made you laugh out loud? not sure, probably Jaden! He will do ANYTHING to get a laugh!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thankful this weekend

I am thankful for so many things this weekend. To start off with, I am thankful for my husband. Yesterday, he watched the kids while I locked myself in the office and scrapbooked, exercised, and relaxed. That was so nice. I definitely needed it.
Second, I am thankful for my wonderful kids. A woman from my MOPS group lost her dear, sweet child this week to cancer. We have been praying for him and his family, but Jesus chose to take him. The following weeks are going to be so hard for them and I pray that God lifts them up these next days. He was such a sweet boy. I don't know why God chose him, but He did. My kids are healthy and I feel so lucky and blessed.

Third, I am thankful for our new church. We did not go last week and I was feeling a little down. But, things were back to normal this week and I think all of the praying I did last week helped. I hate when God starts feeling far away, but I know that I am pushing Him away, not Him.
We had a wonderful, Fall weekend. We made soup last night and lit the fire. That was nice!
MMM, chocolate mint truffle coffee:

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have finally found some time to scrapbook lately!

I also found time to make this yummy banana bread (3rd one this month! LOL)
I made a thank you card and cleaned the kitchen. We are having cheddar potato soup in bread bowls tonight by the fireplace! I can't wait. YUM!
BTW, thank you Jeff for watching the kids today. If it weren't for you, I couldn't do all of these things! Thank you!

Friday, October 24, 2008

We got Booed!

I am so excited. We found this at our doorstep yesterday!

MMM, and look what was inside!
It was really great finding it outside. The kids thought it was cool. We will be setting one more out tonight. I can't wait. I love giving things to people!
Have a great Friday everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My mom was here!

Wow! My mom called yesterday at 1:3o and decided to make a trip here to spend the night and run around today to look at furniture. I was thrilled. It definitely broke up the monotony. I just love that our house is big enough for guests!
She made it here and the kids had a lot of fun playing with her. We talked until 12:30 at night. This morning, we ate, got ready, and headed out to Castleton. There are tons of furniture stores there. She is looking for a sofa, and she wanted to see if she could find one. She had no luck. I am guessing she will have to order one, since she knows exactly what she wants.
I even took her to Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn, and Williams Sonoma. There are some of my favorite stores. The highlight of the day was going to Paradise Bakery and Cafe! That place was wonderful. I got the tuscan chicken sandwich and a greek salad. And, oh my, the cookie was so good. I just might have my husband stop and get one after church this Sunday. Again, thank you Mom for coming and for lunch!
Tomorrow, I will be cleaning, crafting, and homeschooling. Friday is grocery day! So, I should probably do some clipping of coupons too!
Have a great week everyone!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Number of abortions per year: 1.37 Million (1996)Number of abortions per day: Approximately 3,700
Who's having abortions (age)?52% of women obtaining abortions in the U.S. are younger than 25: Women aged 20-24 obtain 32% of all abortions; Teenagers obtain 20% and girls under 15 account for 1.2%.
Who's having abortions (race)?While white women obtain 60% of all abortions, their abortion rate is well below that of minority women. Black women are more than 3 times as likely as white women to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are roughly 2 times as likely.
Who's having abortions (marital status)?64.4% of all abortions are performed on never-married women; Married women account for 18.4% of all abortions and divorced women obtain 9.4%.
Who's having abortions (religion)?Women identifying themselves as Protestants obtain 37.4% of all abortions in the U.S.; Catholic women account for 31.3%, Jewish women account for 1.3%, and women with no religious affiliation obtain 23.7% of all abortions. 18% of all abortions are performed on women who identify themselves as "Born-again/Evangelical".
Who's having abortions (income)?Women with family incomes less than $15,000 obtain 28.7% of all abortions; Women with family incomes between $15,000 and $29,999 obtain 19.5%; Women with family incomes between $30,000 and $59,999 obtain 38.0%; Women with family incomes over $60,000 obtain 13.8%.
Why women have abortions1% of all abortions occur because of rape or incest; 6% of abortions occur because of potential health problems regarding either the mother or child, and 93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (i.e. the child is unwanted or inconvenient).
At what gestational ages are abortions performed:52% of all abortions occur before the 9th week of pregnancy, 25% happen between the 9th & 10th week, 12% happen between the 11th and 12th week, 6% happen between the 13th & 15th week, 4% happen between the 16th & 20th week, and 1% of all abortions (16,450/yr.) happen after the 20th week of pregnancy.
Likelihood of abortion:An estimated 43% of all women will have at least 1 abortion by the time they are 45 years old. 47% of all abortions are performed on women who have had at least one previous abortion.
Abortion coverage:48% of all abortion facilities provide services after the 12th week of pregnancy. 9 in 10 managed care plans routinely cover abortion or provide limited coverage. About 14% of all abortions in the United States are paid for with public funds, virtually all of which are state funds. 16 states (CA, CT, HI, ED, IL, MA , MD, MD, MN, MT, NJ, NM, NY, OR, VT, WA and WV) pay for abortions for some poor women.
© Copyright 1998, The Alan Guttmacher Institute. (© Copyright 1997, The Alan Guttmacher Institute. (© Copyright 1995, Family Planning Perspectives© Copyright 1988, Family Planning Perspectives


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Moments like this...

capture my heart.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Covered Bridge Festival

We had decided last week that we were not going to go to the Covered Bridge Festival this year. All it is is a bunch of junk and junk food! But, I was bored yesterday and decided to take the kids. Jaden loved the food. The only thing I could find that wasn't too bad for myself was some grilled mushrooms and onions. And, wow, I paid for those later! ;)
Jaden and Cassidy had a white chocolate raspberry roll, ice cream, popcorn, and fudge! What a good time they had. I definitely got some exercise pulling that wagon along!

I have the kids' halloween costumes! I am so excited this year! I guess I am every year. This year they will be Captain Hook and Tinkerbell! I couldn't talk Jaden into being Peter Pan! ;) So, Captain Hook will have to do. I still have to get two more things for their costumes, but they are excited! We will be dressing them up for four days! Wow! We have the parade in our subdivision, trunk or treat at our church, trick or treating here and at Grandma and Papa's! Wow! It should be a lot of fun!

Yesterday, we were feeling a little under the weather, but today seems to be better. The kids seem great, I still feel stuffy. I hope everyone is having a great week!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday. The kids had such a great time. The weather was overcast and it sprinkled a little. I was just happy that we got the pumpkins picked out. Jaden escpecially loved the big slide, the dinosaur, and the corn maze.

We were so happy to find this place so close to our house! I was thinking we were going to have to make the 2 hour drive to the old pumpkin patch. They even had the same pumpkin measurer (is that a word?).

Get to Kmart!

They are doubling coupons again, up to $2.00! I got some great deals. They actually paid me to buy razors!!!

Check out what I got for $58.00 (I didn't have coupons for the coffee or three packs of coke:(

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cassidy's room is finished!

I finished Cassidy's room today. I don't know what got to me, I just felt the need to finish it! It finally resembles her old room in the old house. I also wanted to share it for Kelly's blog! Check it out!

Welcome to Cassidy's room

Ok, it's bedtime! Thanks for visiting and please turn out the light!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Soccer and Dippin Dots!

Well, today ended up being different than I thought. Jeff had to work, so we didn't get to go to a friend's wedding. We went to Jaden's soccer game, and I am so glad I did! He got his trophy! We are just so proud of him.

Cassidy wanted to sit on the grass today:

Afterward, I had to pick up something in Fishers and I noticed the Dippin Dots store! I had to take the kids! They loved it. They each got their favorite colors. Cassidy got pink and green and Jaden got green and blue. What a fun time they had there. The kids loved that they were playing ICarly on the tv!
Ice cream faces!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Look at my freebies today from CVS!!! Who knew! LOL