Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

What a hectic weekend. Jeff ended up taking the day off yesterday, which was a nice surprise. I had planned on taking the kids to the park for an Easter egg hunt, so it was nice to have Jeff there also. It was freezing outside and it even started snowing while we were there! Poor Cassidy, her nose was bright red and her hands were freezing. Jaden didn't mind the cold as long as he got to hunt eggs. He loved it!!! He even won a pass for a train ride there and some cute Easter things. He also got candy, which he loves! We have found out this weekend that Jaden loves jelly beans!

We also colored eggs yesterday! That was fun. He wanted to put stickers on them, so I picked out this coloring kit with face stickers. He loved them!
This morning we woke to this:
The Easter bunny came and left Jaden and Cassidy all kinds of goodies! He even hid the eggs we colored. Jaden had so much fun. We went to church and then, to Grandma and Papa's. I think the kids are totally wore out now! They each got lots of goodies! Of course, Cassidy didn't get any candy, but still some cute things!
Overall, we had a great Easter, but are remembering the reason for the holiday. It's not all about the goodies, and it will be nice when Jaden can understand the REAL meaning behind Easter. As of now, the Easter bunny will have to do!
Gotta love the shoes!