Sunday, April 15, 2007

I hope this is a phase!

So, I feel like the last few weeks have been filled with shouting at Jaden! I can't stop myself! And he does so many things that I feel I need to stop! I don't know if he is being an average 3 year old boy, or if he is trying to tell me something! Is he acting out because of Cassidy? Is he bored? Do we not give him enough attention? Does he get too much attention? It really is driving me crazy! He isn't listening to us anymore. He mocks us, already! He really pushes our buttons!!! I don't know how much more we can take! I am hoping to get him outside more this week. The weather is suppose to be nice! Maybe the fresh air will make him better. I just hope something happens soon. I miss my sweet little boy!
On to other things......
Cassidy is still not walking. But, she is getting close. She can stand all by herself! She is playing so much now. I can't wait for her birthday. I am so excited about what I got her. I have most of her party things and her cake decorations. I just can't wait!
Today, we spent the day relaxing, getting some things done around the house, and planting! I am ready to see all the pretty flowers! We bought some white, pink, and purple ones. Jaden helped with a few then, he wanted to play with Maddy. We had a good day (besides the yelling at Jaden!!). We are hoping that Grandma and Papa will be taking him to the circus soon. I don't really like the circus, but I thought Jaden would love it!

Hope everyone has a great week! Here are some pics from this weekend!