Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's Quiet Here!

It's been a very quiet afternoon. Jaden is at Grandma and Papa's and I am enjoying Cassidy. I really don't have much one on one time with her. It has been nice! I definitely needed the quiet house! Jaden talks all day long. I love it, but it also drives me crazy. I have to answer questions, like "How do you buy a car?", all day long!!! He actually asked me that the other day. This morning he asked, "How do we buy a boat?". It has been nice not answering these questions.
It is so cold outside. I was hoping to take the kids to the park every other day for a walk and to play in the park. We will have to put that off awhile. It is just too cold.
I hope most of you are planning on coming to Cassidy's birthday party. I am so excited!!