Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Ok, I really need to get all of the sugar out of Jaden! He has been running around like crazy since Easter. I have decided he is not going to eat his candy today. I might even throw the rest out. He ate pretty much all of it! I am hoping it will get warm enough outside for us to go on a walk today. I am really needing the exercise also.
I have been planning Cassidy's birthday and trying to get the house organized! That second one has proven to be a major task that isn't going to get done anytime soon! The kids need all of my attention right now. Jaden has started picking Cassidy up and moving her around. Let's just say, she doesn't like that too much! So, I am constantly dealing with them right now!
Hope everyone is having a good week, and don't forget to work off that SUGAR!!!

Here is a little something to enjoy! Clay Aiken auctioned off some things from his hometown in Raleigh the other night to benefit the Bubel Aiken Foundation! Also, I added more scrapbook pages to the side!!