Monday, November 5, 2007


Very excited to tell everyone, I got baptized last night! I could feel God calling me in church as the pastor spoke. I knew it was time and there was no going back! Along with me, the church baptized 35 people last night! God was there in our church last night, I could feel it! Everyone should listen to the sermon from last night about baptism! The time is now!!!!!
Just check out It will show up as Old School o3.
I am very thankful for Scot, Jack, and this church. I definitely feel that it is where Jeff and I should be! Also, the kids love it!
Tomorrow night is my Pampered Chef party. As usual, not very many people can make it. I am starting to feel that it has something to do with me! LOL. I sure hope not! Our house is small, so it can't fit many anyway! But, I expect everyone to come when we move into a bigger house! LOL
See some of you tomorrow! Plan to eat and spend lots of money!!!!!!
Have a great week!