Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pampered Chef and holidays...

My Pampered Chef show was a success! Thanks everyone! I got $40 in free stuff, a half off item, and 20% off everything else!! I am so excited for it to come in! I can't wait to make a microwave cake!
There is something about November that always gets me depressed. It must be the thought of money and time! We never have enough money to get the kids what we really want to get them. I am excited about what we have decided to get. We also hate that we never make it to Cincinnati for the holidays. Jeff's schedule is just so hectic during the holidays. We are always so sorry that we can't make it. We hope to get there for a Christmas party or something this year!
But, there are things to look forward to.
1. Clay Aiken's Christmas concert! (can't wait!!!)
2. Family
3. Renewed Faith
4. Cold weather (I love it!)
5. Friends
6. Parties
7. Gingerbread lattes and Peppermint mochas
8. The looks on children's faces
9. Food (unfortunately)
10. Making cards! (I hope I have time this year)

I always look forward to December! I can't wait to get the decorations up!
On to other news. We have decided we will probably sell Jaden's loft bed. We just don't think he is going to be ready for it, and he desperately needs a bigger bed. So, we will probably sell the loft bed and buy a twin bed. Maybe we will do the loft bed when he gets older.
I hope everyone is having a great week. We went to the park yesterday and enjoyed a very long walk.