Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cards are done!

Well, I got my Christmas cards done. They will be going in the mail in December! It always feels good to see them all finished. I also got some other Christmas projects done this week and got some laundry finished today. I got some Christmas shopping done last night and now I need to find a place to hide them. The attic usually works pretty well! Jaden had his last Fall basketball game and got a metal! He was so excited. He has already started Winter basketball!
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It is Jeff's favorite holiday (he has so many special memories of this day). I actually dread it because I know I will eat too much! But, I have been really good this week. I am hoping it won't hurt me too bad!
Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Our little lady (she loves to carry mommy's purse!):


Asia said...

I love your blog and pictures. I hope that you and your family had a great thanksgiving.