Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I started by working out at the YWCA. They had a "turkey burn", where you could pay $5 and take some classes. I worked out for a full 2 hours! I still can't believe I did it. I cycled for 1 hour, did TAG (thighs abs and glutes) for 30 minutes, and step aerobics for 30 minutes!! Wow!!! But, it made me feel better about eating all of that food. Here is a picture of our two turkeys! LOL

As I am typing this, Clay Aiken is singing his last song in South Bend. We decided not to go. We are really trying hard to save money for a house, and we have found that it was just not in our budget right now to go. I am a little disappointed, it was our anniversary celebration, but a house would be much nicer!
Everyone is doing well here. Pepboys closed some stores and we are very thankful that Jeff's store was not one of them!
God has really been blessing us lately with a lot of things. It is amazing how God works and I am so happy that I am seeing it now!!!

Have a great week! Here is a cute picture of Cassidy!