Saturday, February 16, 2008

BooBoos and Today

Yesterday started out as a great day. I had some shopping planned and playtime with the kids. While getting ready, Cassidy was playing and ran into the corner of a wall. She cried, I looked for blood and found nothing, and began getting her ready to go. We went upstairs and started combing her hair back for a barrette and that is when I saw it!!!!!! She had a huge bump on her head and a scratch. It wasn't bleeding but looked awful! She had already forgotten about it by then! So, I put a cold towel on it, and she didn't like that. I was so happy to see that the bump had gone away this morning!

Today, we really don't have anything planned. Jeff works until late, so it will just be me and the kids all day. I cleaned this morning and plan on doing school with Jaden. We are planning on going to the Children's museum this Monday. That will be exciting. Jaden loves it there!

Have a great weekend!


Jessica said...

Poor Cassidy! I think it is so comlpetely adorable that she looked for it, couldn't find it, and kept playing. Kids have such an innocence about them that I love.