Saturday, February 23, 2008

Craft time

Every day, I teach "school" to Jaden. I am homeschooling preschool and getting him prepared for kindergarten (which I will also be homeschooling). I came up with the great idea to have craft time every day! It was a great idea the first week, but now I am falling short of ideas. Last week, we drew pictures, played with homemade fingerpaints, and cut out pictures from magazines. I really have no idea what we will do next week, but I am sure it will come to me.

We really don't have much planned for today, but tomorrow we will be heading to Terre Haute for church and my brother's birthday party. We will be going to Cracker Barrel and playing black light miniature golf! Jaden is very excited!


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Hi, Cute blog

My son loves to play with the magic noodles--have you tried those. YOu just dab them in water and they stick together--you can build all sorts of things with them.

We also make lots of things with rice, dried pasta, and beens. From mosaics to necklaces.

Take straws and build objects.

Crusched eggshells are also fun to gluea and then paint--these are great for texture--ohhh and sand too!

Check out my blog and look at pics of us and our volvano made from flour! I posted it under my Teaching Tips Tuesday