Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dieting is going GREAT!

The first day of dieting is always the hardest, and I got through it! Yesterday was awesome! I exercised and stayed under 1000 calories! I can't believe it. So, now it should get easier for me. I have followed it today perfectly. I even snacked on some cereal but got myself on the treadmill and burned it all off. So, I am feeling good.

I started on a little decoration for our entry way today. Just a small framed piece. I think it will look great. I get so many ideas from other bloggers! There are so many creative people out there!

Other than that, today is a lazy day. It has been snowing outside and we really didn't have anything planned. So, the laundry is drying the dishes have been washed and now I get to be creative while Cassidy sleeps. Jaden doesn't seem very motivated for school today, so we are taking a day off. I think he seems to do better every other day. Maybe I should be doing that with preschool anyway. We will start doing 5 days a week this Fall.